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troop beverly hills bachelorette

27 Jun

Of all of the experiences I have had thus far as a “bride to be” few things I have felt more real than my bachelorette party. Somewhere between our accidental hike of the greenbelt at 2pm and taking a picture with three other “brides to be” at 2am I thought to myself- hey, you’re getting married.

It seems to me with so many life changes happening in the next month, the reason why all of these changes are happening has been lost. I love John, and I am very excited to marry him- but when I’m gluing together programs or packing boxes I lose sight of that. Not that I forget that I love John, but completing a craft is tangible, getting married still seems unreal. Exciting, but not something that could possible be happening to me in 38 days…right?

When I’m saying good bye to my job and my favorite place in Texas, if not Earth, thus far, I sometimes forget the very good reason these goodbyes are happening, because it just doesn’t feel real. And nothing made me think of these good byes more than spending the day with my favorite ladies in Austin, Texas.


chocolates, wine, and why i don’t talk while relaxing…

26 Jun

About a month ago my bestie’s hubbie got together with my future hubbie and bought us spa packages. My bestie is a new mom and totally earned her’s as a Mother’s Day gift. I’d like to think I have earned mine packing and wedding crafting for the last 8 months…but when stacked against exploding dirty diapers and all forms of spit up, my reasons for relaxation seem pretty tame.

Viva Day Spa in Austin, Texas has some of the best reviews on Yelp I have ever read. You would think that Viva Day Spa were some sort of mix between the fountain of youth and a religious experience. Needless to say, I was excited. Tracy and I walked in and filled out the information cards – I’m convinced thoseĀ  aren’t used to glean anything about your skin care routine or needs there in, instead they are used to make you feel super guilty about your day to day bad choices no i don’t use sunscreen as often as I should, yes I use $3 face wash..

Typically I go to the fly by night mani/pedi place down the street from my apartment. Frankly, the talented and wonderful women that work there do not speak the same language as me, and I find it very relaxing. Not that I wouldn’t love to hear the things they have to say, because I would. Chiefly I’d like to know how the hell they make my hands and feet look so miraculously different in 20 minutes. But just knowing that besides pointing to the color I like and where I want it on my body, I’m not responsible for any conversation is just very relaxing for me.

Viva Day Spa was a little different. I love talking, but I’m not particularly good with new people and while my chatty kathy of a bestie was totally hitting it off with her talented lady, I felt obligated to at least test the water. The conversation pretty much went like this, ” Oh, you’re getting married, that’s great! Are you going anywhere for a honeymoon?” Me, excitedly: ” Yes, we are going to Hawaii for a week. Have you ever been?” Talented lady, ” Yes.” Me, unknowingly opening pandoras box, ” Did you like it?” Talented lady, with an impressive amount of disparaging gusto ” NO”. Okay, listen lady, I’m not very good at this. Could you not just immediately squash the one thing we found in common? To make things worse, I then asked,” Oh yeah, what did you not like about it” The nice lady then went on to tell me that it was because of the flight, oh boy gee did she thing it was a long flight. STOP. I am supposed to be relaxing. Why am I discussing with someone my number one fear? I felt like I had done due diligence at this point, and just sipped wine and ate chocolates with enough frequency that conversation would have been difficult anyway.

After visions of my newleywed self and husband plummeting into the Pacific, a facial sounded like a great next destination, and it was. It was probably the most relaxing 60 minutes of my life…until we started to talk. ( See what I mean about keeping quiet!?!) Talented lady asked me about my bikini waxing plans, recommended that I come in for a trial run. Perfectly reasonable suggestion. She then asks when my wedding is. I happily reply, August 4th. To which she replies, “Oh that’s soon, that’s really soon.” ( italics AND bold for emphasis, people). Oh good, a panic attack right after relaxing for 60 minutes…lesson learned.

oh, so that’s why it smells like poop…

22 Jun

Over a year ago, shortly before my soon to be husband ventured back to Lubbock, Texas, I decided I needed a dog. After a couple of misadventures ( apparently I’m a allergic to some dogs, who knew), I landed the best dog ever, and his name is Scout.

Up until last Tuesday, Scout has had a fairly clean bill of health. Granted, dogs have ridiculous digestive systems and what is a clean bill of health for Scout to me would not be. For example: if every time I drank water or ate too fast a little bit came back up, well, I’d be a constant mess.

However, for the last several days Scout has had what we shall call ” the emergencies”, and I think we all know what that means…

It started Tuesday afternoon, and was punctuated with a 1am wake up call from Scout asking for a bathroom trip. Now, I’m not saying that the lucky individual who saw me at 3am crouched down watching my dog poop had a good reason to be out at that hour either, but I’m sure whatever their reason, they thought mine was bizarre.

I remember thinking when I got back inside that my apartment had a “poopy” smell, but it was 3am and I doubt my thoughts even made it all the way through “poopy”. Same thing in the morning as I rushed to get my things together, walk Scout, and fly out the door ( typing this out makes me realize that maybe I need to pay closer to attention to my apartment smelling bad…) But when I got home from work and my apartment smelled like a cattle roundup ( like I even know what that is, I don’t…but, just imagine) I figured I needed to take some action.

Is it embarrassing that when my apartment smelled that bad my first thoughts didn’t go to my sick as a dog, dog? Probably, but I can’t help it. Dishes and trash left out for a week because you were too busy rewatching Friday Night Lights also have a pungent smell ( sorry future husband, this is something I will be working on…

So after using my keen sense of smell and deciding that while the garbage and dishes need to be done, they were not the culprit, I zeroed in one Scout’s bed. Scout has a cozy sleeping spot that he ventures towards every night around 9:30pm, like a good responsible dog. But when I bent down to smell his bed I realized that Scout had actually had an “emergency” under my bed.

Now, we all just met, so I’m not going to go into the details…but it was gross…and I may not be getting my deposit back.