oh, so that’s why it smells like poop…

22 Jun

Over a year ago, shortly before my soon to be husband ventured back to Lubbock, Texas, I decided I needed a dog. After a couple of misadventures ( apparently I’m a allergic to some dogs, who knew), I landed the best dog ever, and his name is Scout.

Up until last Tuesday, Scout has had a fairly clean bill of health. Granted, dogs have ridiculous digestive systems and what is a clean bill of health for Scout to me would not be. For example: if every time I drank water or ate too fast a little bit came back up, well, I’d be a constant mess.

However, for the last several days Scout has had what we shall call ” the emergencies”, and I think we all know what that means…

It started Tuesday afternoon, and was punctuated with a 1am wake up call from Scout asking for a bathroom trip. Now, I’m not saying that the lucky individual who saw me at 3am crouched down watching my dog poop had a good reason to be out at that hour either, but I’m sure whatever their reason, they thought mine was bizarre.

I remember thinking when I got back inside that my apartment had a “poopy” smell, but it was 3am and I doubt my thoughts even made it all the way through “poopy”. Same thing in the morning as I rushed to get my things together, walk Scout, and fly out the door ( typing this out makes me realize that maybe I need to pay closer to attention to my apartment smelling bad…) But when I got home from work and my apartment smelled like a cattle roundup ( like I even know what that is, I don’t…but, just imagine) I figured I needed to take some action.

Is it embarrassing that when my apartment smelled that bad my first thoughts didn’t go to my sick as a dog, dog? Probably, but I can’t help it. Dishes and trash left out for a week because you were too busy rewatching Friday Night Lights also have a pungent smell ( sorry future husband, this is something I will be working on…

So after using my keen sense of smell and deciding that while the garbage and dishes need to be done, they were not the culprit, I zeroed in one Scout’s bed. Scout has a cozy sleeping spot that he ventures towards every night around 9:30pm, like a good responsible dog. But when I bent down to smell his bed I realized that Scout had actually had an “emergency” under my bed.

Now, we all just met, so I’m not going to go into the details…but it was gross…and I may not be getting my deposit back.

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