troop beverly hills bachelorette

27 Jun

Of all of the experiences I have had thus far as a “bride to be” few things I have felt more real than my bachelorette party. Somewhere between our accidental hike of the greenbelt at 2pm and taking a picture with three other “brides to be” at 2am I thought to myself- hey, you’re getting married.

It seems to me with so many life changes happening in the next month, the reason why all of these changes are happening has been lost. I love John, and I am very excited to marry him- but when I’m gluing together programs or packing boxes I lose sight of that. Not that I forget that I love John, but completing a craft is tangible, getting married still seems unreal. Exciting, but not something that could possible be happening to me in 38 days…right?

When I’m saying good bye to my job and my favorite place in Texas, if not Earth, thus far, I sometimes forget the very good reason these goodbyes are happening, because it just doesn’t feel real. And nothing made me think of these good byes more than spending the day with my favorite ladies in Austin, Texas.

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