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where did all of this stuff come from…

5 Jul

I am moving to Lubbock, Texas ( hence the name of the blog) in two days. Granted I have known for an entire year that I would be moving to Lubbock in July, somehow the fact just never really sunk in. On Monday I had my last day of work in Austin, Texas. Leaving jobs has always been anticlimactic, but this one especially so. Every other time I have left a job it was an active decision- I need to get the f*** out of here. Substitute teaching- I hope I never see a single one of you kids again. Abercrombie and Fitch- same sentiment, but throw in a couple of four letters words for good measure and the strong desire to never listen to loud music ever again.

But my job at UT, while it was soul crushingly frustrating at times, showed me that who you work with is sometimes just as important as what you are doing. Sure most of my day was spent having parents yell at me, but what did it matter? I was surrounded by friends that I could laugh about it with as soon as they hung up. I know not every job I have will be like that, and that is why moving away from best friends I’ve had in years, and starting a new job in a new city ( I use that term loosely) is pretty frightening…

Am I excited to get married? Of course! Did I love Lubbock while I was there for undergrad? Yes! As a 25 year old woman am I a little worried about living there again? You betcha!



i wanna dance with somebody…

4 Jul

Last Saturday my incredibly brave fiancee and I ventured into the land of Arthur Murray Dance studios. Our guides- a very short, but graceful, man with amazing rhythm and the strong desire to not look too awkward while swaying in front of everyone we know.

We entered the studio and the immediately the worst possible thing that could happen did. First, the only dancing area that we could see had glass walls- oh good, everyone will be able to watch us. Second, no really, they wanted everyone to come watch a couple. John and I, with his parents, approached the glass walled room with probably 10-15 other people to watch the couple who was currently taking lessons dance their first dance. My stomach immediately turned and my fiance went from miserable to inconsolable whispering, “there is no way I’m doing this.” After their dance ended everyone left the room clapping and happy- everyone but us, we just stood there nervously, awaiting our dancing doom.

Thankfully, there was another room in the back and the dance lessons actually turned out really well! I would definitely recommend it, and while John and I wont be on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon, I think we will be able to hold our own on the big day.