Things I Am Loving, Week 1

14 Oct

1. looking at hair-inspiration. I am so ready to get rid of my hair. If I didn’t have absolutely no idea what i was doing I would have cut my own hair weeks ago. Instead I am holding out for the ULTA Breast Cancer Awareness cut this Saturday. The money I pay for the haircut is donated to breast cancer research- which is a total win, win, win. In the meantime, I am literally counting the hours, and biding my time by pinning hair pictures on Pintrest ( btdubs what did I ever do before Pintrest?) I feel sorry for the poor soul who will be cutting my hair, I probably have 20 different pictures I could show her…and none of them are of the same haircut.

Current contenders…drum roll please…

Brooklyn Decker HairSo cuteshoulder lengthEmily Van Camp

oh, also, could you make me look like one of these ladies, please? kthx

2. LOST- I seriously can not wait to be done with LOST. Not that I haven’t loved the weeks of my life that I have spent watching this show…but seriously, it is starting to be a little much. They had me until about the end of Season 3 and now it is just starting to feel like a bad book that i guiltfully must finish to feel like I didn’t just waste my time…which totally doesnt make any sense. Could someone please make a show where people are actually stranded on an island and there isn’t any crazy Dharma Initative, polar bear, black smoke stuff going on? I realize it would have to be set in like the 1960s because obviously with modern technology the only island we wouldnt be able to find would be the kind from LOST – ya know, the kind that can be moved with an underground lever….

3. Bad Lip Reading- I can watch these over and over again, and they only become funnier. My favorites- Twilight, Mitt Romney #1 and #2, and now the First Presidential Debate aka ” Eye of the Sparrow”

“on that, sush, because the sofa bears don’t know”…classic

4. finishing my thank you notes – i am so grateful for all of the gifts we received for our wedding, but seriously…at this point it seems like it would be easier to just call each person…my husband kindly pointed out that obviously I was really enjoying the project because I had chosen to do it on my own, ya know ’cause I have a creative spirit? he clearly doesn’t understand how crafts and regret work together yet…

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