new hair

24 Oct

ImageI did it!

At my worst moments, my hair was described as looking like William Wallace’s from Braveheart ( minus brownie points, hubby). But not anymo!

I can not begin to describe how great having my hair cut felt. I still look in the mirror and hesitate, as my brain processes who is looking back at me. My husband says it makes me look younger (major brownie points). I am still struggling to style it though- due to the layers. In fact, I got super frustrated last weekend when trying to curl it. I just assumed everything would be easier with shorter hair…stupid green grass looking nice, but not being as carefree and effortless as I thought it would be…

Also, really should have taken a picture what it looked like when the woman at ULTA styled it. I think she did a great job on the cut, which honestly I wasn’t expecting. When I showed up on Sunday and there was a line outside ULTA, what I should have thought was, “yay for cancer fundraising”, instead what i thought was “oh, crap. they are going to be blowing through each hair cut as quickly as possible” But as far as style… I pretty much looked like any female character from an 80’s movie- imagine lots of volume and curl, blerg… ( this picture is clearly not from a movie, but when I searched 80s hair and it popped up, I couldn’t resist…

So in summary, future Katie, you like having short hair, do not deny yourself the simplicity and bounce in your step…and if you are ever in doubt, just read this post.

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