Things I am Loving, Week 2

26 Oct

1. this diy catalog card creator…

this is adorable and amazing, i saw it over at Reid Girls Handmade for a library book swap party that they hosted…which i would totally love to do some day. I haven’t finished a book recently that i felt like blogging about, but I fancy myself “a reader”, just one with really bad habits- i.e. i love reading, and i’d rather do it then fool around on pintrest and google reader, but who has two thumbs and never brings a book with her? this girl… but the second I do finish a book and blog about it I promise ya this card will appear!

So in summary I need to read some books, make some friends, and host a party…shouldn’t be too hard right?

2. dog shaming…

how cute is this? i told my husband that we should do this with Scout the next time he is a bad dog, his reply? but Scout is never a bad dog! oh we shall see about that one.. But seriously, I don’t know who thought of this but it is such a great idea. Dogs do crazy things that we just accept as part of having a dog/being a dog. Something about the juxtaposition of human shame and dog actions are hilarious. PS there is another facet of dog shaming in which they do not have a sign posted but instead the picture was taken and then text was photoshopped in…this is cheating. Also, the funniest dog shamings are also the grossest, I almost had to excuse myself after reading one about tampons, I have not posted it here because it was that gross…

3. learning about photography…

so this one has been in the works for a while. i have always been interested in video editing, pretty much since high school, but decided to not pursue that as a career. fast forward to my best friends baby shower many years later, and a light bulb went off in my head and i thought hey, i should get a video camera and record this. enter, the bloggie. it was half price at best buy and honestly a pretty good investment… i had a lot of fun making the video and I love that i can watch it and relive those fund times

but ultimately not my goal. while for a $100 the video is clear, it doesn’t offer much creatively.

fast forward 6 months later to bridal portriats, engagement pics, bridal shower, wedding..yeah lots of pictures and video. I realized how important these memories are to me and how grateful I am to have such high quality images and video to remember them by…

so therefore I now have a new challenge- how am I going to continue to have these great images/video to remember the other thousands of days in my life? in summary i needs a camera… and in the mean time I have been hitting up pintrest for tutorials and such and trying to utilize what I do have to the best of my abilities.

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