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A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon

4 Nov

Setting goals, while fun, is almost always deceiving. At the beginning of the year if you asked me if I thought I could read an average of 20 pages per a day, I’d have said of course. Then wedding planning ramped up, then marriage ramped up… and next thing you know it is November am I am doing backwards math to determine how many pages I need to read a night to keep up, the answer – 50, well actually 55 right now, but I think with a little extra effort I think I can get it down to 50.

All of this would be impossible without the help of my good friend Shelfari. I have been a loyal user of Shelfari since 2006. The website even comes with a depressing graph showing how my reading has gone done fairly steadily since my junior year of college…

So in other words, there are going to be a lot of book reviews here for the next several days, because that’s right, I am not giving up on my goal sir, no way, Jose.

A Spot of Bother is about a family- mom ( cheating on husband), dad ( convinced his eczema is actually cancer), daughter ( engagement on the rocks) and son ( relationship on the rocks). Typical dysfunction, however the thing that most struck me when reading Spot of Bother was how genuine the emotions were. Specifically I felt like the  characters’ realizations and emotions occurred in a logical way that could exist outside of the book, which I appreciate.

Favorite Quotes:

” What was Jamie going to say? It seemed so obvious what he felt. But when he tried to put it into words it sounded clumsy and unconvincing and sentimental.  If only you could lift a lid on the top of your head and say, ‘Look.'”

” It was so bloody difficult because he couldn’t say it to Tony’s face. You said something to someone’s face, saw how they reacted and adjusted the steering wheel a bit.”

Who hasn’t felt that way before? See what I mean by those genuine emotions?

Anyway, this is definitely not going on a list of favorite books, but I’d give it a solid B.