A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon

4 Nov

Setting goals, while fun, is almost always deceiving. At the beginning of the year if you asked me if I thought I could read an average of 20 pages per a day, I’d have said of course. Then wedding planning ramped up, then marriage ramped up… and next thing you know it is November am I am doing backwards math to determine how many pages I need to read a night to keep up, the answer – 50, well actually 55 right now, but I think with a little extra effort I think I can get it down to 50.

All of this would be impossible without the help of my good friend Shelfari. I have been a loyal user of Shelfari since 2006. The website even comes with a depressing graph showing how my reading has gone done fairly steadily since my junior year of college…

So in other words, there are going to be a lot of book reviews here for the next several days, because that’s right, I am not giving up on my goal sir, no way, Jose.

A Spot of Bother is about a family- mom ( cheating on husband), dad ( convinced his eczema is actually cancer), daughter ( engagement on the rocks) and son ( relationship on the rocks). Typical dysfunction, however the thing that most struck me when reading Spot of Bother was how genuine the emotions were. Specifically I felt like the  characters’ realizations and emotions occurred in a logical way that could exist outside of the book, which I appreciate.

Favorite Quotes:

” What was Jamie going to say? It seemed so obvious what he felt. But when he tried to put it into words it sounded clumsy and unconvincing and sentimental.  If only you could lift a lid on the top of your head and say, ‘Look.'”

” It was so bloody difficult because he couldn’t say it to Tony’s face. You said something to someone’s face, saw how they reacted and adjusted the steering wheel a bit.”

Who hasn’t felt that way before? See what I mean by those genuine emotions?

Anyway, this is definitely not going on a list of favorite books, but I’d give it a solid B.


third time is the charm

31 Oct

Batter up!

I have made some misses lately.
I love trying recipes from blogs that I follow. It makes me feel slightly less guilty for spending hours of my day reading about soups, stews, and crockpots. But as tasty as a recipe might look online, it isn’t always so tasty…
Strike One:

Strike one was this Butternut Shells recipe from How Sweet It Is. I have tried so many recipes that she has made, mostly because of the pictures. Pictures always get me. Many of the recipes I tried were great…this one not so much. I must just be a Mac & Cheese purist, because this was just blah. And while it was just blah the first day, well it definitely didn’t make it as a leftovers option. In fact, I might just not be a big fan of butternut squash- as much as I want to be.

Strike Two:

Was entirely my fault. I grew impatient and didn’t let the potatoes cook long enough ( womp, womp). Granted they were about 3/4 of the way done, so it didn’t bother me too much, but it was a huge no go for the hubsters.And I now have a half full crockpot of potato soup to clean out tonight.

But here comes the game changer.
This chicken enchiladas recipe from Annie’s Eats. It was easy, it was tasty, and it was adaptable. I strained the tomatoes and onions out of mine for the hub and it came out great!


Happy Halloween!

Things I am Loving, Week 2

26 Oct

1. this diy catalog card creator…

this is adorable and amazing, i saw it over at Reid Girls Handmade for a library book swap party that they hosted…which i would totally love to do some day. I haven’t finished a book recently that i felt like blogging about, but I fancy myself “a reader”, just one with really bad habits- i.e. i love reading, and i’d rather do it then fool around on pintrest and google reader, but who has two thumbs and never brings a book with her? this girl… but the second I do finish a book and blog about it I promise ya this card will appear!

So in summary I need to read some books, make some friends, and host a party…shouldn’t be too hard right?

2. dog shaming…

how cute is this? i told my husband that we should do this with Scout the next time he is a bad dog, his reply? but Scout is never a bad dog! oh we shall see about that one.. But seriously, I don’t know who thought of this but it is such a great idea. Dogs do crazy things that we just accept as part of having a dog/being a dog. Something about the juxtaposition of human shame and dog actions are hilarious. PS there is another facet of dog shaming in which they do not have a sign posted but instead the picture was taken and then text was photoshopped in…this is cheating. Also, the funniest dog shamings are also the grossest, I almost had to excuse myself after reading one about tampons, I have not posted it here because it was that gross…

3. learning about photography…

so this one has been in the works for a while. i have always been interested in video editing, pretty much since high school, but decided to not pursue that as a career. fast forward to my best friends baby shower many years later, and a light bulb went off in my head and i thought hey, i should get a video camera and record this. enter, the bloggie. it was half price at best buy and honestly a pretty good investment… i had a lot of fun making the video and I love that i can watch it and relive those fund times

but ultimately not my goal. while for a $100 the video is clear, it doesn’t offer much creatively.

fast forward 6 months later to bridal portriats, engagement pics, bridal shower, wedding..yeah lots of pictures and video. I realized how important these memories are to me and how grateful I am to have such high quality images and video to remember them by…

so therefore I now have a new challenge- how am I going to continue to have these great images/video to remember the other thousands of days in my life? in summary i needs a camera… and in the mean time I have been hitting up pintrest for tutorials and such and trying to utilize what I do have to the best of my abilities.

new hair

24 Oct

ImageI did it!

At my worst moments, my hair was described as looking like William Wallace’s from Braveheart ( minus brownie points, hubby). But not anymo!

I can not begin to describe how great having my hair cut felt. I still look in the mirror and hesitate, as my brain processes who is looking back at me. My husband says it makes me look younger (major brownie points). I am still struggling to style it though- due to the layers. In fact, I got super frustrated last weekend when trying to curl it. I just assumed everything would be easier with shorter hair…stupid green grass looking nice, but not being as carefree and effortless as I thought it would be…

Also, really should have taken a picture what it looked like when the woman at ULTA styled it. I think she did a great job on the cut, which honestly I wasn’t expecting. When I showed up on Sunday and there was a line outside ULTA, what I should have thought was, “yay for cancer fundraising”, instead what i thought was “oh, crap. they are going to be blowing through each hair cut as quickly as possible” But as far as style… I pretty much looked like any female character from an 80’s movie- imagine lots of volume and curl, blerg… ( this picture is clearly not from a movie, but when I searched 80s hair and it popped up, I couldn’t resist…

So in summary, future Katie, you like having short hair, do not deny yourself the simplicity and bounce in your step…and if you are ever in doubt, just read this post.

Things I Am Loving, Week 1

14 Oct

1. looking at hair-inspiration. I am so ready to get rid of my hair. If I didn’t have absolutely no idea what i was doing I would have cut my own hair weeks ago. Instead I am holding out for the ULTA Breast Cancer Awareness cut this Saturday. The money I pay for the haircut is donated to breast cancer research- which is a total win, win, win. In the meantime, I am literally counting the hours, and biding my time by pinning hair pictures on Pintrest ( btdubs what did I ever do before Pintrest?) I feel sorry for the poor soul who will be cutting my hair, I probably have 20 different pictures I could show her…and none of them are of the same haircut.

Current contenders…drum roll please…

Brooklyn Decker HairSo cuteshoulder lengthEmily Van Camp

oh, also, could you make me look like one of these ladies, please? kthx

2. LOST- I seriously can not wait to be done with LOST. Not that I haven’t loved the weeks of my life that I have spent watching this show…but seriously, it is starting to be a little much. They had me until about the end of Season 3 and now it is just starting to feel like a bad book that i guiltfully must finish to feel like I didn’t just waste my time…which totally doesnt make any sense. Could someone please make a show where people are actually stranded on an island and there isn’t any crazy Dharma Initative, polar bear, black smoke stuff going on? I realize it would have to be set in like the 1960s because obviously with modern technology the only island we wouldnt be able to find would be the kind from LOST – ya know, the kind that can be moved with an underground lever….

3. Bad Lip Reading- I can watch these over and over again, and they only become funnier. My favorites- Twilight, Mitt Romney #1 and #2, and now the First Presidential Debate aka ” Eye of the Sparrow”

“on that, sush, because the sofa bears don’t know”…classic

4. finishing my thank you notes – i am so grateful for all of the gifts we received for our wedding, but seriously…at this point it seems like it would be easier to just call each person…my husband kindly pointed out that obviously I was really enjoying the project because I had chosen to do it on my own, ya know ’cause I have a creative spirit? he clearly doesn’t understand how crafts and regret work together yet…

worst blogger, like ever

13 Oct

It is official, for a time I was the worst blogger in bloggerdom.
I love reading other people’s blogs. In fact a large portion of my day is spent doing exactly that, instead of doing other things…like work, or exercise, or writing my own freaking blog. The disparity between what I would like my blog to be, and what a blog by me actually is, is ridiculous.

So I’m starting again, damn it…and this time- eh, who knows…

where did all of this stuff come from…

5 Jul

I am moving to Lubbock, Texas ( hence the name of the blog) in two days. Granted I have known for an entire year that I would be moving to Lubbock in July, somehow the fact just never really sunk in. On Monday I had my last day of work in Austin, Texas. Leaving jobs has always been anticlimactic, but this one especially so. Every other time I have left a job it was an active decision- I need to get the f*** out of here. Substitute teaching- I hope I never see a single one of you kids again. Abercrombie and Fitch- same sentiment, but throw in a couple of four letters words for good measure and the strong desire to never listen to loud music ever again.

But my job at UT, while it was soul crushingly frustrating at times, showed me that who you work with is sometimes just as important as what you are doing. Sure most of my day was spent having parents yell at me, but what did it matter? I was surrounded by friends that I could laugh about it with as soon as they hung up. I know not every job I have will be like that, and that is why moving away from best friends I’ve had in years, and starting a new job in a new city ( I use that term loosely) is pretty frightening…

Am I excited to get married? Of course! Did I love Lubbock while I was there for undergrad? Yes! As a 25 year old woman am I a little worried about living there again? You betcha!